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Baked Beans with an Apple Rum Crust

Cold Weather Cooking by Sarah Leah Chase has just been reissued by Workman Press. Sarah has been author, chef, and caterer. Her catering skills are on display here in this beautiful rendition of baked beans. The circles of that apple rum crust on top are immediately inviting. The beans themselves are Sarah’s riff on this…

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Virgil’s Hickory Pit Baked Beans

July is National Baked Beans Month. And you thought Congress never did anything. Virgil’s is the landmark barbecue joint in Times Square in New York City. First authentic Southern barbecue in the city. Founded in 1994, the firm has just published its first cookbook. And the first recipe I went to is this one for…

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Best Baked Beans Period

When our friends Cynthia and Robert asked if we could come to dinner, Suzen automatically said yes. And I was so happy. Robert is gentleman, with a talent for sangria. Cynthia is an exceptional party cook. Everything, and I mean everything, at her meals is wonderful. This Saturday there were spiced cashews on the first…

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