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Slow Rib Perfection

  If someone uses the words “best” or “perfect” in a recipe title, I’m suspicious. It may be a good recipe for sure, but can it really be supreme? At, I found this Slow Ribs Perfection recipe. I had googled for a “slow ribs recipe” and this one popped up. I showed it to…

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Barbecue-Style Baby Back Ribs from Quick Slow Cooking by Kim Laidlaw

Kim Laidlaw’s Quick Slow Cooking is devoted to letting you make the most of your slow cooker. You know, that round or oblong thing high on the top shelf in your garage. You last used it in the previous decade. Or century. It will clean up just fine. It will. And, if you get your…

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Best Ribs for Superbowl

  Last year, I blogged these ribs as the best ever. Better than any I had sampled at restaurants — and I’ve spent a lot of time in Texas, folks — and better than any other from a cookbook. I know that “best” is an overused superlative. I know. But I do mean it. If…

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