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Apricot and Lemon and Habanero Honey Cooler

“Do you crave a drink in the morning,” the doctor asked me. I was having a home physical from my insurance company. They wanted to know my drinking habits. I pondered how to answer. Time, finally time for the truth. I summoned my courage. “In the morning? I’ll kill anyone between me and macchiato.” I…

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Brian’s Apricot Paradise

Apricots. It’s been a wet and cold spring, but the first apricots have arrived. Small, yet intense in flavor, they provide the mixologist true opportunity. Instead of a peaches and Bellinis, here’s a way to use those early apricots and create a wonderful cocktail. Unlike most of my creations, this is NOT too sweet. And,…

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Grandma’s Frozen Apricot

Ah, breakfast. Orange juice? Yes. Jam? Yes. What kind? Apricot. Is it Sunday by the way? No. Actually, it’s not even breakfast, but I’m thirsty and want something very interesting. Not a mimosa, but something that … In her new guide to the best in drinking, 101 Blender Drinks, Kim Haasarud offers a whole new…

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