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Chimayo III: An Apple Cider Cocktail with a Chile Kick

I said I would fix the Chimayo II cocktail and I have. My inspiration? A map and a memory. Have you ever been in Chimayo? It’s easy to miss. Or to go there and get lost. To get from Santa Fe to Taos there are two paths. The fast Interstate highway. And the winding, two-lane…

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Chimayo II: A Cocktail Work in Progress

Apples. It’s peak apple season in the Northeast, with apples popping up on store shelves and the tables of farmers’ markets. Tonight, Brian and I had an apple-themed dinner party. Every course had something applish. All the recipes will appear here over the coming week or so. The first recipe was, of course, for an…

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Apple and Jalapeno Tailgate Pie

Have you ever looked at recipe, said to yourself, “That’s pretty strange,” and kept turning the pages of the cookbook.  And, then, repeatedly kept coming back to that temptation. That’s what I did with this very interesting, a tad strange, but ultimately totally satisfying recipe.  I did not even mention it’s name to Suzen.  I…

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