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Horseradish and Avocado Quenelles from Bitter by Jennifer McLagan

In her latest book Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, Jennifer McLagan entices us to put away our instinctive fear of the flavor bitter. Yes, instinctive. Many of the plants and berries that our earlier hunter-gatherer ancestors were foraging were things that would make us sick. Or dead. Through evolution, we just…

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Grilled Lamb Chops with Glazed Shiitake Mushrooms

Lamb. A lovely meat, particularly when prepared the right way. My grandmother, all Scottish, would cook me lamb chops. And cook them. And keep cooking them. Why do Scots use mint jelly with lamb? It’s to lubricate your teeth so you have a fighting chance to penetrate meat that is just a tad tough. Supermarkets…

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Pigs in a Blanket “Ritz Carlton” from Laurent Tourondel

We joined Netflix this weekend. I did the deed and told Suzen who was very happy. I told her about our profile, how we like science fiction and horror films. After I do this blog, I have to update the profile. Apparently, I really like romantic comedies and Bollywood musicals. My faux pas. In my…

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