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The Italians Are Coming: Aperol to the Beverage Rescue

It’s a dinner party for Suzen and me tomorrow. Small in number but wide in flavor interests. We have four guests coming and there will be a fresh corn salsa that all will enjoy. After that, it can be challenging. The four people have quite different beverage likes and dislikes. How can you easily meet…

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Aperol Sweet and Sour: A Great Party Drink for the Super Bowl

This weekend will find many of us giving or attending parties. Long parties. That Super Bowl stretches for four hours. During that time, we will all munch and we will all imbibe. A responsible host knows that if guests are drinking over that extended period of time, there are some risks. It is quite possible…

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Aperol Sour: A Cocktail Treat

My sweet tooth makes me shy away from bitter liqueurs. I know the world loves Campari and I’ve tried but just one sip and my mouth always puckers so tightly my tongue has to move out of the way. Very fortunately, an Italian friend has introduced me to Aperol. This is another bitter Italian liqueur,…

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