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Christmas 2012: Recipes for You

Tis the Saturday before Christmas and you may be in search of recipes. Here’s a reminder and a preview.

At Thanksgiving, I reposted our recipes for Arrows Roast Turkey and Gravy, Robuchon Mashed Potatoes, and stuffing from Dorie Greenspan. I won’t repeat those here, but you can easily find them. Just use the search function on the right side of this blog.

What’s new for you?

Right after I post this, there’s another post coming about mashed potatoes, taking a “scientific” look at what makes those Robuchon potatoes so good. And then we’ll have posts about:

  • Two different stuffings: one with cornbread and one with calvados and rye
  • The best dulce de leche cookies ever
  • An herb sorbet to serve between courses on Christmas
  • True prickly pear margaritas
  • Turkey hash for those leftovers
  • And a dessert or two after Suzen and I finish our discussion [not arguments, discussions]

Keep reading!


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