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Honey-Glazed Spago Corn Bread from Dessert by the Yard

  “I’m making the corn bread,” Suzen announced. “Oh, good, honey,” I said. Then I bit my tongue as hard as I could and left the room. How, how was this possible? I had just given her my copy of Dessert by Yard, a treasure trove of wonders, like My Favorite White Birthday Cake with…

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3 thoughts on “Honey-Glazed Spago Corn Bread from Dessert by the Yard

  1. Why is it called Spago corn bread? I am unfamiliar with what spago is?

    This recipe looks good. I’m going to use it for a thanksgiving party where we are only serving hors d’oeuvres. I was looking for something on the sweeter side.

  2. I made this just the other day along with some red beans, New Orleans style. This cornbread is phenominal!! Everyone loved it!! It’s moist, sweet and oh so delicious! Restaurant quality is how one friend referred to it. Thanks for the great recipe!!

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