Small Bites Big Sips

Small Bites Big Sips is our innovative answer to your requests for exciting classes.

Here at CBTB, we're turning the tables on tasting classes…literally! Each of our classes will feature a particular Big Sips beverage: Beer, Wine or Spirits. We’ll create a superior Small Bites tasting experience paired with each beverage type.

The class will begin with an introductory Big Sips tasting and an overview of the class. Then it's off to the state-of-the-art kitchen, where our Chef will prepare the Small Bites dishes, specifically geared to match the Big Sips beverage. Students may also participate with the simple hands-on food preparations.

Once the kitchen experience has finished, the class will return to the tasting room for the full Small Bites Big Sips pairing. Students will enjoy tapas dishes geared to complement and even amplify the beverage, increase the aromas and enhance all the flavor components.

Each of our class instructors have years of experience to draw from as they guide the discussion. Students will learn about the unique history, ingredients, country of origin, and production techniques.

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Join us as we celebrate the best of flavors in Small Bites.


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