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Royal Icing

I wanted to avoid criticism. I wanted my hand to be steady, but piping royal icing is hard. “That’s supposed to be straight line. And even,” Suzen commented. She was across the counter eyeing the cookies I was trying to decorate. “I don’t want straight lines,” I lied. “I’m doing fractals.” “Really?” she looked at…

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2 thoughts on “Royal Icing

  1. Thank you so much for posting these. I have made them several times and love them but don’t have the book and I was unable to find my recipe today. You saved my turkey cookie for Thanks giving. I want it for a cake topper. This recipe is excellent and one of the best I have found. I hope that you enjoy your book. I highly recommend trying this recipe with bakers emulsions it is fabulous! Lemon is my favorite and it goes so well on a vanilla or almond cookie. Thanks again for sharing!

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