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Virgil’s Hickory Pit Baked Beans

July is National Baked Beans Month. And you thought Congress never did anything. Virgil’s is the landmark barbecue joint in Times Square in New York City. First authentic Southern barbecue in the city. Founded in 1994, the firm has just published its first cookbook. And the first recipe I went to is this one for…

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A Perfect Summer Meal [with options for sides and dessert]

Here's a menu for a summer meal that is satisfyingly complete. Begin with a beverage, a Pina Colada, but not just the regular one. You need Brian's Faux Colada: more flavor and less alcohol. Then a barbecued steak complete with not some overpowering steak sauce, but instead with an intense, smooth blue cheese sauce. Pair that steak with…

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About How The Posts Now Look

I am having a nightmare problem formatting these blogs. In the past months, I had created a format with different styles and sizes of fonts that people liked. I did this using my blogging engine: the very popular WordPress. Unfortunately, WordPress just issued an “upgrade” version [3.9.1] which can only be described as a Titanic…

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