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HI, Our blog has some technical issues, well, lots of technical issues. I have not been able to post for a week and it may be a few days more unitl everything is under control. Sorry for the interupiton. We'll be be back in business soon. Brian

Plum Appetizers: Plain and Simple and Perfect

  How do you eat? Literally. Figuratively. Forks and knieves but also noses and eyes. “What are you going to do with these?” I asked Suzen. I was holding some very fresh and fragrant plums. “Put them in the bowl,” she said. “You want honey? Cheese? You want me to slice them up?” “Put them…

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Rice Pilaf with Pine Nuts

Our good friend Marie Simmons wrote a wonderful book, Rice: The Amazing Grain, and she was spot on. Suzen and I are fortunate to live in Manhattan where, in less than 15 minutes, we can walk to 30 restaurants serving rice. All of them Asian or Italian. Now, I am fond of risotto but it…

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Smoky Roasted Corn Soup with Chipotle

  Before you comment, I have an explanation. I know the picture above is marginal. Cocktails and soup are the toughest foods to photograph. I’m working on it. It’s not easy. And, when I get a chance, I will take a better shot. But it may take a while and in the meantime this is…

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