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Important Tips for Summer Food Safety

If you are about to enjoy a summer picnic, or a Labor Day celebration, or a tailgate event during the fall, the last thing that probably crosses your mind is food safety. But it should. Sandy Hu, a friend of Suzen’s, has written a very important blog about summer food safety. There’s some surprising information…

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On the Grilling of the Corn

“62,800,000 RESULTS” That’s what appeared on my screen today when I googled “how to grill corn.” There are a lot of ideas and recipe out there. I won’t say controversy quite rages, but there are distinct corn grilling schools of thought. It boils down to [no pun intended, we are grilling and not cooking in…

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Corn, Silk and Lilacs

A mild winter has its benefits. You haven’t broken your leg while skiing. Your heating bills were not as high as the Federal budget. And corn is available way early. We have Florida corn in our local supermarket. Big ears, with lots of well-formed kernels. This early corn does not have quite the rich flavor…

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