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Apricot and Lemon and Habanero Honey Cooler

“Do you crave a drink in the morning,” the doctor asked me. I was having a home physical from my insurance company. They wanted to know my drinking habits. I pondered how to answer. Time, finally time for the truth. I summoned my courage. “In the morning? I’ll kill anyone between me and macchiato.” I…

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Habanero and Honey Syrup: A Beverage Booster

  Habaneros are hot. That we all know. In 2000, with its Scoville scale of 100,00-350,000, the habanero was considered the world’s hottest chili. Thanks to genetic engineering, and perhaps man’s endless quest for pain, the habanero has been displaced from the top of that list. But never from our hearts. This particular pepper originated…

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On Sugar Syrups and Cocktails

Just what is a cocktail? One web-searched definition says: “An alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream.” Cocktail guru Mittie Hellmich in The Ultimate Bar Book offers this more classical and constructivist definition: “A cocktail is made up of three principal components, the…

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