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Really Simple Midori Melon Colada

Here’s another Really Simple recipe for a summer cocktail time: melon colada Life beyond pina coladas is filled with options. Midori Melon Liquor, that very green stuff in the pretty bottle, is a staple at my bar. I love Midori all by itself or in a hundred different combinations. Here’s a twist on that classic…

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Really Simple Potato Salad

Here’s another Really Simple recipe for a summer staple: potato salad. I know, the easiest way to get potato salad on a hot day is to visit the store and have the deli guy fill a big plastic container with the store creation. It might be fresh. It might be from last Wednesday. And pretty…

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Really Simple Chocolate Sauce

Many of you get this blog via RSS, that button you push to get a new post every time one is ready. What does RSS stand for? Really Simple Syndication. Simple can be very good. At times, like on a hot summer day, we like our food simple. So in the coming weeks, I’ll post…

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