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Recipe Catastrophes

I guess it would be wrong to call this a crisis. But it surely is a catastrophe. Our culinary world is now contaminated, and in danger of being overrun, by faux recipes. These are recipes that outwardly seem good, but that are not. These are recipes that fail because they are wrong, not because of…

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Where Are The Posts, Brian?

Sorry. I’ve blogged very little in the past three weeks, my longest streak of being non-productive. What happened? My daughter visited from Seattle, got sick, got me sick, she left, I stayed here. I’m still sick. But, the posts will rise again. Like later tonight!

On Pumpkin Pie Recipes

  There are a large number of pumpkin pie recipes. In doing a google search last week, I began to think there might be one recipe per person on the planet. I don’t think I’m wrong. What do these recipes all have in common: pumpkin, either canned or a real pumpkin to be cooked in…

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Thanksgiving Recipes: After the Fact

There’s one little problem with blogging recipes that you have tried. You have to have tried them before you can write about them. We had a great Thanksgiving and I wish I could have shared the recipes with you beforehand. But, but, we had to do the recipes and then photograph them and it’s only…

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