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Friday the 13th: The First Ever What-The-Heck-Is-This Food Quiz


I hate the false superstitions that surround Friday the 13th. I find it all stupid and ridiculous and I get angry and then depressed. That’s why I am not going out of my house today. Not even to Starbucks. No, I am on superstition strike.

Was that lightening? Is that a siren? No, I’m okay.

That said, we need to have fun, some kind of fun. It cannot be a dark day all day.

So, here’s a contest for you. Identify the object in the picture above. It is organic, homemade, and — this is a big hint, folks — comes from Francois Payard, a world class dessert master.

The answer, and the recipe, will appear on Friday the 27th, not a day to be afraid of.

I’m terrible at answering comments on this blog, but I promise, promise to respond to any and all answers.