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Peach Agua Fresca

How can you drink a peach? This is the latest agua fresca recipe in this summer’s agua fresca marathon. And it’s a delight. From The Perfect Peach, the key to this successful recipe is the first ingredient: 2 gushy peaches. The authors of The Perfect Peach, the clever Masumoto family, describe peaches in a spectrum…

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Raspberry Adobo Agua Fresca

  Growing up in Oregon, I was surrounded in spring and summer by fields of berries, mostly strawberry because they have higher productivity than raspberries. And strawberries behave themselves, while raspberries tend to “grow wild” and spread out of control. They are members of the rose family after all. The United States grows 9% of…

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Blackberry Agua Fresca

  After my very happy experience with Cantaloupe Agua Fresca, I’ve decide to experiment more this year. I live in New York City, distinguished for its impeccable water. As good as it is, often I crave something more. “More” for me has meant lemonade but that beverage is sugar intense. I need something “in the…

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