Watermelon, and Only Watermelon, Agua Fresca

This is quite a summer. 90° one day and dry. Then 80° but humid as the devil so it actually feels hotter. And certainly oppressive. My body is confused and I’m not sure what to drink. My diet sodas are not refreshing. I don’t want the sweetness of lemonade. I need...
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Cookbook Review: Chai, Chaat & Chutney by Chetna Makan

Chetna Makan’s first book, The Cardamom Trail, was indeed a compendium of very spicy delights, like her Curry Onion Tart and the Black Sesame and Lime Cake. In this lovely second book — Chai, Chaat & Chutney — Chetna returns home to the street foods she grew up...
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#1 Place in NYC for Couple Italian Cooking Classes!

We had a lovely surprise this morning. Google Alerts gave us this link: http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/5-couples-italian-cooking-classes-in-nyc-578827/?singlepage=1 InsiderMoney has surveyed the best places in NYC for couple to have an Italian cooking class. We...
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Cookbook Review: Bravetart by Stella Parks

This is a Blizzard Book. The next time you are snowbound, pray to God the power stays on and that you have this book on your countertop. And, a full pantry and refrigerator. Butter. You will need butter. This is a curious book, really three books of exciting recipes...
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Suzi’s Blog

On Cookbooks

  You may have seen a tad slowdown in my cookbook reviews in the past week. Sorry, I’ve been traveling and there are more books than I can tote through a TSA line. I’ll get back in...

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Chorizo-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

  Yesterday I posted a review of Paleo Grilling by John Whalen III. It’s a 2015 book but you’ll want to find it and give it your consideration. Based on the paleo diet concept, it’s meat...

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Gin and Aperol Lively Cocktail

I had gin. I had Aperol. I wanted to combine them. A quick search found this recipe on Epicurious. There it is called Gin and Aperol for the Win. I’m calling it Lively instead because I am leaving...

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