TBT Recipe: Buttermilk Maple Spice Cake

This week's TBT recipe says to throw away the calendar. Unless you are in Australia. It's spring here and a long way from the flavor and intensities of fall. But isn't maple syrup really a flavor for all year. And spices are always welcome. So, here maple syrup and...
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TBT Cookbook Review: Lost Recipes by Marion Cunningham

When she died at age 90 in 2012, Marion Cunningham left a culinary legacy that might be matched but that could never be surpassed. A California native, she became an expert in that specific cuisine and support both California chefs and culinary movements for decades....
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Cookbook Review: Growing Up Gourmet

My wife Suzi has had her cooking school, Cooking by the Book, for 29 years. She’s recently made an observation: everybody eats. Ah, but how well do they eat? And what do they eat and how do the dishes evolve during the course of their lives. Growing Up Gourmet: 125...
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Shumai: Japanese-Style Shrimp Dumplings

My local Japanese restaurant is wonderful. I walk in and even before I have sat down, I can hear the bottle of beer being opened and the back a voice in the kitchen shouts, “Shumai! Double order.” This appetizer is ubiquitous in Japanese restaurants for a very simple...
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Suzi’s Blog

Apple Parfait from Diana Henry

Diana Henry writes the most delicious books. They are just scrumptious, filled with ideas that reflect Diana’s nuanced techniques and ingredient selections. Her foods have multiple layers and...

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