Cornmeal Crust

I first presented this crust way back in July, offering it as the topping for a Cuban meat loaf, that Picadillo Loaf you see in the picture above. It's fall now and time for heartier and warmer foods. You can use this recipe simply to make a lovely cornbread. But I...
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Braised Carrots with Lemon, Cilantro, and Chili from Simple Nature by Alain Ducasse

In his most enlightening new book, Simple Nature, Alain Ducasse offers Ten Principles for great cuisine. Among those are: Cook and Eat Seasonally and Eat More Vegetables and Less Meat. This is not a vegetarian cookbook but the role of vegetables and fruits dominates....
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Cookbook Review: Bowls of Goodness by Nina OIsson

Nina Olsson is a world-recognized food blogger. She’s a leader in a very prominent food wave: vegetarian/vegan/gluten‑free. In this just-published cookbook, she presents her crafted culinary approach with recipes from around the world. These are comfort food recipes,...
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Deep-Dish Blackberry Pie with Blackberry Sauce from Edna Lewis

Blackberries. I am always fascinated by the complex shape and colors of these berries. And that distinct, intense flavor. I see a blackberry and I think “pie.” And, if you want great pie, then the American South is the place to find a recipe. Edna Lewis was the master...
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Suzi’s Blog

TBT Cookbook Review: Cooking Fearlessly

This Valentine’s Day was mostly happy everywhere, but not every everywhere. In Austin, there was the closure of a fabulous restaurant. For thirty years, Jeff Blank ran Hudson the Bend, an eccentric...

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Smoked Salmon Hash

It’s not Throwback Thursday, but it is time to revisit a friend. My daughter Kelly is in from Seattle. She brings a modest suitcase each time and a bigger cooler of Northwest goodies. See what...

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Cappuccino Cubes for Iced Coffee

Coffee. The sun may not rise but as long as we have our coffee, many of us would not mind. We brush our teeth, we sip our java. Coffee is a central aspect of our lives from the hour we rise. And...

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