Fennel Tarte Tarin from The Farm Cooking School

The lovely new cookbook The Farm Cooking School offers recipes based on the four seasons. Here’s a fall idea that seems perfect for a holiday table. Apple Tarte Tatin you may have relished. How about savory? How about fennel? This striking photograph, by Guy...
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Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Onions by Kate Winslow and Guy Ambrosino

  Side dishes. What to do about side dishes for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. I posted this cookbook review in March. Suzi and I have been using the book on a regular basis ever since. It's superior. So superior, that we have bought a copy for...
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Cookbook Review: The Farm Cooking School

Americans dabble with their food, both what we make at home and what we seek in restaurants. We crave some basic skills for that home cooking. “How do I cut this chicken?” is a question we all understand. Tonight, I’d like some great Mexican food but tomorrow it is...
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Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Whiskey Hard Sauce

  Thanksgiving approaches and here, from 2012, is a post for a rich bread pudding. As you will see, you are supposed to use sweet potatoes but Suzi started with pumpkin. You can do either one or a combination of both. But, whatever path you follow, do make sure...
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Suzi’s Blog

Cornmeal Crust

I first presented this crust way back in July, offering it as the topping for a Cuban meat loaf, that Picadillo Loaf you see in the picture above. It’s fall now and time for heartier and...

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