Caramel Ganache Roulade

Often we have roulades during the holidays: a chocolate sponge cake filled with whipped cream, perhaps surrounded with a chocolate glaze. Roulades are far more than holiday food and can be enjoyed year-round in great variety. The cake can be vanilla, as it is here, or...
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Apple Croissant Bread Pudding from Tish Boyle in Flavorful

  In her magnificent latest book, Flavorful, Tish Boyle goes to the max in fashioning grand desserts. The book is devoted to her, and probably yours, favorite flavors. We all seem to tend to vanilla and coffee and caramel. And apple. Bread pudding began as a sort...
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Pearl Onion Tarte Tatin from Onions Etcetera

  In the wonderful Onions Etceterea, Kate Winslow and Guy Ambrosio give you a world tour of alliums: onions, scallions, garlic, chives and shallots. Oh, and pearl onions. You may have had apple tarte tatin. Here’s a savory version made with pearl onions! It’s...
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Cookbook Review: My Cape Malay Kitchen

Sometimes a book is multiple things. Recipes. Adventure. Tribute. Education. You’ll find all that in My Cape Malay Kitchen. Cape Malay is a section of Cape Town in South Africa. It is, obviously, the Malay part of town. Oh, perhaps it wasn’t obvious that at the bottom...
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Suzi’s Blog

Gingerbread in Our Jenn-Air Steam Oven

  Our cooking school Cooking by the Book in Tribeca has a brand new kitchen. Our suite of appliances is now provided by Jenn-Air and we could not be happier with the look, utility and the taste...

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter

Gnocchi used to be a tad exotic for many of us, something to be enjoyed only in restaurants. But now the dish can easily be found in supermarkets. Those frozen morsels cannot compare with the gems...

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Kentucky Bourbon Sirloin Steak

  Suzi often has guests from overseas who want a typical American meal. Nothing can match a great steak with bourbon sauce. In our picture here, you see just a trickle of the sauce on top of...

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Egg Nog Ice Cream

  Sometimes, Suzi offers a dish at Cooking by the Book that everybody wants. Everybody. In the front of the picture you see the Salted Caramel Brownie from The New York Times and Baked....

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Bouillabaisse Accompanied by Rouille

  “What am I gonna eat?” I asked. I happen to be a little allergic to shellfish. Like deathly allergic. For her hands on cooking class at Cooking by the Book, Suzi had piles of...

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