Gin and Aperol Lively Cocktail

I had gin. I had Aperol. I wanted to combine them. A quick search found this recipe on Epicurious. There it is called Gin and Aperol for the Win. I’m calling it Lively instead because I am leaving out the curry leaf and salt the Epicurious recipe calls for. And I find...
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Habanero, Jalapeno, Onion and Banana Salsa

A couple of years ago I posted a Banana Salsa with Pepper Zing. The peppers there were red bell and serrano. Just one serrano. Here’s a new twist. The serrano is gone, replaced by one habanero and one jalapeno. And, there’s onion this time, preferably a Vidalia. And...
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TBT Cookbook Review: Cobblers and Crumbles

Spring is ending, summer is beginning, and fruit is everywhere. This lovely book, from the publisher Ryland Peters & Small way back in 2006, takes two key components we all love and perhaps actually need: fruit and dough. Or fruit and crust. In combinations that...
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TBT Recipe: Strawberry and Strawberry Jam Pavlova

A few years ago I blogged a Pavlova with Peaches and Blueberries, lovely summer dessert from the delectable book Meringue by Linda K. Jackson and Jennifer Evan Gardner. In a sentence, a pavlova is a big meringue shell with a high edge, filled first with pastry cream...
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Suzi’s Blog

TBT Recipe: Simple Pan-Fried Trout

  Suzi and I were at a restaurant bar, waiting for a table. The gentleman next to us was avoiding the wait. A waiter brought him a plate of trout, frosted with strips of cucumber and papaya...

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Cookbook Review: The Ghana Cookbook

There are many reasons to recommend this book. It has lovely recipes, with ingredients and techniques that will be new to you. Very new I can assure you. And the authors, Fran Osseo-Asare and...

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