Chocolate Sables from Patisserie Made Simple

This Sunday marks the start of an important week: Thanksgiving week. For many people, it’s not just Thursday that we take off or prepare food. The entire week seems to be spent traveling, shopping, and cooking. Oh, and eating, too. At some point during this week, some...
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Pumpkin Gratin with Pistachios and Pistachio Oil from Patricia Wells

Yes, those little pumpkins you have used for decoration can be eaten, too. For this dish you can cook your own pumpkin or squash, or buy the ready-made puree. For a busy Thanksgiving meal, that can might be a time-saver! This dish comes from Patricia Wells so you know...
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Cookbook Review: Chasing Bocuse by Philip Tessier

This is a book about success and then even greater success. It is a story of culinary adventure, a diary of culinary competition, and a presentation of recipes that win first silver and then gold. And some slightly more home-friendly recipes that even you and I can...
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Braised Sour Red Cabbage with Pomegranate

Gizzi’s Seasons Eatings by Gizzi Erksine is a book I’ve reviewed here. Gizzi is British, actually British-Italian and her book radiates the holiday treats of both cultures. It is a bright, bright book. The colors, as you can see in the photo above, are quite intense....
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Suzi’s Blog

TBT Recipe: Ham, Onion and Potato Pie

The days may be warm still, but when the sun sets it gets chilly. These are the days when a warm and hearty meal is most welcome. From British meat guru Richard Turner here is a classic fall savory...

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Peach and Banana Smoothie

Summer is officially gone, so naturally the temperature is up. It’s in the 80s and those last fruits of the year are ready and waiting at your local farmers market. Peaches make delicious beverages....

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Cookbook Review: Hawksmoor at Home

Hawksmoor is considered the best steakhouse in the UK. There are good reasons to believe that claim is entirely true. The evidence unfolds in the chapters and details of this important book. I...

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Whipped Garlic Cream from Sara Perry

Garlic sauce is a complement to so many aspects of a meal. In place of gravy, it can intensify protein like chicken or steak. A baked potato with garlic sauce in place of butter? Yummy. Of course,...

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Cornmeal Crust

I first presented this crust way back in July, offering it as the topping for a Cuban meat loaf, that Picadillo Loaf you see in the picture above. It’s fall now and time for heartier and...

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