Brian’s End of Summer Gazpacho

Two weeks ago I saw the first red leaves. Now, on August 18th, there are red and gold dashes up and down the Hudson Valley. And many of those trees that were bright green in July have adopted serious traces of brown camouflage Autumn is arriving, sooner than normal...
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TBT Cookbook Review: The Edna Lewis Cookbook

She was wonderful. Powerful. And a bit intimidating in the kitchen. She had “command presence.” Suzi and I shared our kitchen with her while she prepped Thanksgiving turkeys in August for a November magazine article. A half dozen turkeys in August heat. She was a...
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TBT Recipe: Spaghetti with Cold Tomato-Mint Sauce from Lidia

Here's a TBT recipe from 7 years ago. I don't normally think of mint and spaghetti in the same breath, but Lidia does. Besides the mint, you'll need capers and anchovies and red pepper flakes. It's a summer sizzler. Imagine New Jersey was an island, with tall...
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Petite Sweet Potato Biscuits with Pulled Pork and Slaw, Round 2

I first blogged this dish in May using the picture from the book. We made it. And we made it into an elegant main course with summer veggies as you can see. This is a wonderful dish that scales up for a party of any size. When we made the biscuits, we could not find...
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Suzi’s Blog

Picadillo Loaf in a Cornmeal Crust

I recently reviewed a lovely book called Fifty-Two Meat Loaves. It’s a book from  way back in 1993 but, hey, comfort food never dies. It just gets better and better over the decades. Here is our...

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Tomatillo, Cilantro, and Avocado Salsa

I did a TBT cookbook review of Nueva Salsa, a little book of perfected salsa recipes. Here’s an example using one common trio: tomatillo, cilantro, and avocado. In this version, tomatillos are...

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TBT Cookbook Review: Cooking Fearlessly

This Valentine’s Day was mostly happy everywhere, but not every everywhere. In Austin, there was the closure of a fabulous restaurant. For thirty years, Jeff Blank ran Hudson the Bend, an eccentric...

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Smoked Salmon Hash

It’s not Throwback Thursday, but it is time to revisit a friend. My daughter Kelly is in from Seattle. She brings a modest suitcase each time and a bigger cooler of Northwest goodies. See what...

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