TBT Recipe: Brian’s Dill Dip

It's summer. Happens every year, mostly. As long as you don't live in Seattle. From a few years ago, here's an intense summer dip. No onion soup mix here. Real, natural, ideally out of your garden ingredients. Bribe is such an ugly four-letter word. I know, there are...
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TBT Cookbook Review: Fifty-Two Meat Loaves from 1993

This book is 24 years old. It will be in use forever. It’s brilliant. And quite comforting. Okay, bad pun. Meatloaf is, surely, one of the top ten comfort foods. If you grew up in the 50s or 60s, you probably had meat loaf once a week. If you grew up not upper middle...
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Leek and Goat’s Cheese Picnic Loaf

This recipe comes from Gail’s Artisan Bread. Roy Levy and Gail Mejia wrote this cookbook based on their bakery experiences in London. The intent was to provide great [aka French quality] bread in a town that was not famous for its bread baking. The first store opened...
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Cookbook Review: Forager’s Cocktails by Amy Zavatto

Not too many people forage anymore. And it is hard to imagine someone on Staten Island being a local forager, but sure enough, Amy Zavatto is just that. Deliciously that. She has explored all around New York City, finding exciting, if not exotic, components in the...
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Suzi’s Blog

Gin and Aperol Lively Cocktail

I had gin. I had Aperol. I wanted to combine them. A quick search found this recipe on Epicurious. There it is called Gin and Aperol for the Win. I’m calling it Lively instead because I am leaving...

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