Fiery Cookbook Review: Latin Twist

Suzi and I are in Austin to see our grandchildren perform in band. High school band is a big, big deal in Texas. And the Vandergrift Vipers are state winners. Between musical events, we will be trying Tex-Mex and Mexican food galore. Austin is a superb food city. Our...
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North African Eggplant Stew from Bowls of Goodness

When I saw this recipe, I knew it was just a matter of time until I enjoyed it. Suzi is a devoted fan of eggplant and of sweet potatoes. Here they are combined in a North African stew that has penetrating spice flavor. There is an ingredient here, ras el hanout, that...
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Cast Iron Herb and Cheese Rolls

  Southern Cast Iron is a magazine you want to consider in your life. I know, you have too many magazines. This one is deliciously important and different. Comfort food is a necessity. A true necessity. A warm roll. Melted cheese. And an army of herbs, marching...
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Hot Crabcakes

I love crab cakes and the very, very best are to be found in Baltimore. The best of the best? Faidley's in Lexington Market. I was able to find a very authentic recipe for them Chesapeake Bay Cooking. Sometimes, I do an amendment or two. A little chili heat can make...
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Whipped Garlic Cream from Sara Perry

Garlic sauce is a complement to so many aspects of a meal. In place of gravy, it can intensify protein like chicken or steak. A baked potato with garlic sauce in place of butter? Yummy. Of course,...

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Cornmeal Crust

I first presented this crust way back in July, offering it as the topping for a Cuban meat loaf, that Picadillo Loaf you see in the picture above. It’s fall now and time for heartier and...

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