TBT Recipe: Barbecue-Style Baby Back Ribs

It is July 20th and summer is one third gone. Terrible thing to say. But, if for some reason, you have not used your grill, it's time to get a move on. Yes, you can do hot dogs and burgers. You can chicken. But, why waste that good grill time? There are racks of ribs...
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Cookbook Review: The Bloody Mary by Brian Bartels

When I saw Brian Bartels’ The Bloody Mary in a bookstore, I almost knocked a woman over making sure that copy was mine. The woman huffed at me, quite unbelieving that anyone could be so rude. I apologized but no one was going to beat me to this book. I thumbed through...
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Paupiettes of Veal from Prime by Richard H. Turner

I recently reviewed a lovely book Prime by Richard H. Turner. He’s a meat guru: a butcher, a restaurateur, a chef, and a writer with exceptional skills. London-based, Richard’s book has a full array of beef recipes from both Britain and around the world. Here’s dish...
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Cookbook Review: Apperitivo by Kay Plunkett-Hogge

Kay Plunkett-Hogge is a very noted British food and beverage writer. She is quite British with a lovely Asian twist. She was born and raised in Bangkok in the 1970s, so she began life with an exotic exposure to food and culture that have never left her. She’s worked...
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Suzi’s Blog

Cappuccino Cubes for Iced Coffee

Coffee. The sun may not rise but as long as we have our coffee, many of us would not mind. We brush our teeth, we sip our java. Coffee is a central aspect of our lives from the hour we rise. And...

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Cookbook Review: Chocolate Master Class

We get our chocolate fix in many ways. That snatch of something on the side at the checkout stand of the supermarket. I cookie jar awaiting a midnight raid. A Sunday spent in the kitchen fashioning...

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Hot Raspberry Pavlova

Oh, yes. It is beautiful to behold. I was so proud that I almost did not eat it. I succumbed. Twice. “You can throw the egg whites away,” my wife said to me, “you won’t be using them.” “Like hell,”...

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Onion Marmalade from Nick Malgieri

When you see an onion, what do you think? A thick slice on top of a burger with melted cheese drizzling down. Thins fragments in a salad? Marmalade? Oh, surely not marmalade. Whatever would you do...

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TBT Recipe: Brian’s Dill Dip

It’s summer. Happens every year, mostly. As long as you don’t live in Seattle. From a few years ago, here’s an intense summer dip. No onion soup mix here. Real, natural, ideally...

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Leek and Goat’s Cheese Picnic Loaf

This recipe comes from Gail’s Artisan Bread. Roy Levy and Gail Mejia wrote this cookbook based on their bakery experiences in London. The intent was to provide great [aka French quality] bread in a...

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Lemon-Lime Icebox Bars from Sprinkles

Too often we knock off cookies as quickly as possible. A pan of brownies. A tray of dollops of chocolate chip batter. Fast and furious. I know: a cookie pang requires speed. Cookies can, and...

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