Braised Country-Style Pork Ribs with Chipotle

The bottom line here is in that picture: if you like a slab of pork spareribs, one fragrant with spices, then this is the recipe to try. From an article in The New York Times, Suzi and I were struck by the abundance of flavors employed in this rib recipe. As they...
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Double Tasking in the Real World

If you ever watched Alton Brown on the Food Network, you know he was obsessed with not having items that could only be used for one task. He wanted multi-tasking and certainly double tasking. Suzi and I strongly support this Green idea. We have been collaborating with...
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Vegetable Broth ala Suzi

  When it arrives on your table, a dish should be beautiful. In form, in color, and even in aroma. While that final plating is quite important, having beauty every step of the way is certainly beneficial. Here’s a shot of last week’s vegetable stock from Suzi’s...
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Roasted Short Ribs with Glazed Garlic, Fennel and Carrots

On cold winter weekends, nothing can match the warmth and aroma of a slow-cooking meat dish, filling the kitchen or the whole house with promises of a luscious meal. The recipe title says “roasted” and the picture shows “simmering” ribs. You do both here, an initial...
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Suzi’s Blog

Be Prepared: Vegetable Stock

  I am often a little confused. And it seems to be happening more and more. Ah, well. At least I can be prepared. You know on Thanksgiving how when you went to make the gravy you needed a few...

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Crackling Good Grapes from Holly Garrison

This appetizer will surprise you. You make a simple syrup, dip in clusters of two three grapes, let them dry and eat away. It’s refreshing and quite unexpected if you used to “unamplified grapes.”...

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TBT Recipe: Jammy Dodgers

                        From a few years ago, here’s a holiday cookie you want to consider. These are a popular British dessert with...

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Rain on a Smoke Plant

Instead of a recipe today, I’m posting this picture. We bought a small smoke plant a couple of years ago, putting it in soil that had been extensively accelerated with potting soil and...

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Jezabel Sauce [Sweet Heat]

I saw a recipe recently for jezebel sauce and it struck me that this was the second time in the past year the idea had appeared. I checked the ingredients and, well, showed it to my wife Suzi....

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Cranberry Cordial

  A “cordial” is simply a liqueur, a dessert-oriented liqueur and one that has been sweetened. A cranberry cordial can  be sipped and enjoyed all on its own. Or, it can be employed...

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TBT Recipe: Cranberry Margarita

  I can drink margaritas the year round. So can Suzi. Hence, we are married. When these holidays roll around, and cranberries are abundant, then a festive cranberry margarita cannot be...

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