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Pork Roast with Garlic-Parmesan Cream

In a word, this dish is a surprise, a wonderful surprise. The word “shoulder” has origins that can be traced back only a few hundred years. In Old High German, it may have meant “shield” which strikes notes of strength and firmness. Today, a shoulder cut of meat is considered to be “less than grand.”…

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Cookbook Review: Pastry by Nick Malgieri

So, I get this cookbook in the mail — I’m not going to say which one — and my immediate reaction is: if you are only going to buy one baking book this year, buy this one. And I start to write it up. And the next day, I get this other cookbook in the…

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Devil’s Food Cake from Retro Cakes and Cookies

  For Halloween, why not a Devil’s Food Cake. Chocolate. Rich. Tangy. Ah, but the devil is in the details. I know of no other cake recipe with such a diverse base of recipe alternatives. It’s a light, chocolate cake but getting to that end can mean many different combinations of ingredients and techniques are…

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Maple Pecan Fudge with Bourbon from Sweet Things by Annie Rigg

From Sweet Things by Annie Rigg comes this perfect fall holiday recipe: Maple Pecan Fudge made with just a touch of bourbon. I can imagine serving this treat along with the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Or maybe as December treat while trimming the tree. Suzen and I have not yet tested this recipe, but it comes…

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Cookbook Review: Sweet Things by Annie Rigg

Candy. Mention the “candy” word and you’ll get a reaction: a turn of the head, a smack of the lips, perhaps even an instinctive reach of the hand. Where do you find candy? In any store checkout line. You can be buying a book on viral diseases at Barnes & Noble and there is a stack…

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Throwback Thursday Cookbook Review: Recipes from Home