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Throwback Thursday Cookbook Review: Recipes from Home

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake for Thanksgiving

Heresy is a word we rarely use these days. Now that burning at the stake is no longer a risk, we really don’t pay attention to the rabble rousers. There are fanatical types on the other side other planet but very few in Manhattan — I’m ignoring politics policy. Some people might consider me a…

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Tomato Chile Jam from Preserving by the Pint

It’s the perfect confluence of words: tomato, chile, and jam. This is a universal food. Almost. I would not be putting this jam on my breakfast toast, actually. It has more sizzle than I want to start my day with. But, on a toasted slice of bread with goat cheese, this jam is an ideal…

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And the blog is …?

HI, Our blog has some technical issues, well, lots of technical issues. I have not been able to post for a week and it may be a few days more unitl everything is under control. Sorry for the interupiton. We'll be be back in business soon. Brian