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Maple Pecan Fudge with Bourbon from Sweet Things by Annie Rigg

From Sweet Things by Annie Rigg comes this perfect fall holiday recipe: Maple Pecan Fudge made with just a touch of bourbon. I can imagine serving this treat along with the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Or maybe as December treat while trimming the tree. Suzen and I have not yet tested this recipe, but it comes…

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Cookbook Review: Sweet Things by Annie Rigg

Candy. Mention the “candy” word and you’ll get a reaction: a turn of the head, a smack of the lips, perhaps even an instinctive reach of the hand. Where do you find candy? In any store checkout line. You can be buying a book on viral diseases at Barnes & Noble and there is a stack…

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Throwback Thursday Cookbook Review: Recipes from Home

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake for Thanksgiving

Heresy is a word we rarely use these days. Now that burning at the stake is no longer a risk, we really don’t pay attention to the rabble rousers. There are fanatical types on the other side other planet but very few in Manhattan — I’m ignoring politics policy. Some people might consider me a…

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